the delivery of content over IT networks. ITCasting focuses on managing the individual experience of select content on computers or mobile devices, and takes advantage of the associated metadata to enrich the end-user experience. Live interactive video and VoD features are typically associated with ITCasting solutions.

With Over The Top (OTT) technologies, the video is distributed through a television set which is connected to the Internet as well as to a content distributor, like a cable or satellite provider. New industry standards are growing, supported by a large consortium of broadcasting, Internet, and TV manufacturers.

We can contribute to the deliveryof large-scale video services with the  provision of our infrastructure; from simple hosting services, complete data center operation with high-end service level agreements (SLAs), and burst processing in the Cloud, to the management of broadcast infrastructure. As an example, BMC (Atos) manages the live delivery of broadcast video to an entire country for a major European broadcaster.

IT services providers also already offer, or are working on, various video-related topics;

exploiting their wider experience in data andsecurity services.

Some examples include:

Live and on-demand data encoding,transcoding, and streaming services.

Storage and archiving of content, includingmeta-tagging and indexing.

Security services such as rightsmanagement-as-a-service.

CDN services, partnering with CDN providers

and ISPs; combining their offerings and including provider management