We take the complexity out of video networking, and leave you free to to do what you do best, make a stella production. For your special event we can provide a complete communications solution.

Our understanding of global fibre networks and broadcast production environment  is what sets us apart. 


We understand the intricacies of using standard telecoms infrastructure to reliably deliver multiple services:

  • Encoding / Decoding and Multiplexing

  • Network Services

  • Standards Conversion

  • Satellite Operations

  • Terrestrial Radio Links

  • Latency Optimisation

  • IPTV Solutions

  • Monitoring

  • IP Telephony

We fully appreciate and understand the challenges of delivering program audio / video, telephony and data services. With our knowledge and experience we can deliver your services from the event back to your production base in a fully diverse and resilient manner.   

As you consider your requirements surrounding the interconnections between your television production, studios, and broadcast facilities we are here to help.

We will work with you to develop the right solution, then manage the program of delivery to enable your integrated, high-speed connectivity solution.  

Today, telecommunications providers see several new revenue opportunities in the area of content delivery.  They are developing products to support areas such as mobile video, mobile television and IP TV. BMC’s expertise is at the leading edge of this growing demand for delivering content.

Our experience covers distribution of both compressed and uncompressed broadcast signals over IP, satellite, microwave, fibre and terrestrial transmitters in any combination.  Whether it be audio or video, HD or SD, we have the end-to-end solution knowledge that can meet your needs.

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