London Media Exchange - LMX

What is LMX?

BMC UK uses proven business and technology to help clients leverage next generation networks. We have proven experience, assets and key alliances to provide single products or end-to-end systems including nationwide networks to international systems. 

Our core network and infrastructure enables us to offer the following services either in isolation or as a collective suite of services no matter how big or small your requirement. 

Why use lmx?

BMC UK has built a high quality Media Network across the City of London, including dark fiber, wavelengths, Ethernet, IP services, SONET, with our alliances with Global providers, we take your content where you want it.

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premium bolt-ons

  • Resilience - make use of our dual site resilient core

  • Hitless protection switching

  • Extra videos

  • Fast, uncontended Media Grade Internet

  • Two way audio comms (Talk back)

  • Broadcast as a Service processing

    • Standards conversion

    • Accelerated file transfer

    • Cloud encoding / transcoding

Standard offering

Bi-directional (in and out) videos in any combination of the following:

  • Standard definition

  • High Definition 1080i (1.5 Gbps)

  • Bookable via customer online portal

  • Secure layer 2 VPLS network

  • 24/7 support