Network Map

Network Map


BMC UK has built a Media Quality Network across the City of London. Using this Network and our strategic alliances with Global providers, we take your content wherever you want it.

Our experience covers carriage and distribution of both compressed and uncompressed broadcast signals.  We deploy fibre, satellite and terrestrial RF mediums in any combination.  Whether it be audio or video, HD or SD, IP or TDM, we have the end-to-end solution knowledge that can meet your needs.

We understand the need for service and transport flexibility, and offer system flexibility to help ensure your services can dynamically change over time.

Through our resilient Network, BMCUK offer a whole spectrum of connection options, each tailored to the world of Media, and Live Broadcast.  Whether your requirement is for a cost effective, occasional use connection or a more permanent and resilient service, our network can deliver.  Our media quality backbone not only includes capacity to transport uncompressed HDSDI, but includes multiple 40G Ethernet, and SDH capability.

The BMCUK network offers extensive connectivity options.  For example, some of the customers that have chosen to connect with us:

  • AELTC, Wimbledon
  • BBC News Broadcasting House
  • BBC Television Centre
  • ITV Studios
  • Ericsson Playout
  • BskyB, Osterley
  • DeltaTre, Wimbledon
  • Elstree Film studios
  • Ealing Film Studios

BT Tower Facility Lines -  Connected to every major broadcaster and sporting venue in the UK

Telstra GMS - All major broadcasters in the Asia Pac region through GMS and DVN2 connections.

Scandinavia - All major broadcasters and sporting venue in 

UK Earthstation - uplink and downlink services through our Teleport partners at Cobbett Hill 

Asia Pacific -  uplink downlink services through Telstra’s teleports at Stanley, Hong Kong, Oxford Falls, Sydney, Gnangara, and Perth

Media Grade Internet access - through our presence in Telehouse Docklands and GCX.

So, If you have a thirst for HD quality content, or are looking to distribute that content the BMCUK network can help.  If your business is in London, our PoPs in the City and West End are nearby.  If you are located elsewhere we will find the right connection for you.

That’s why some of the world’s largest media companies have put their trust in BMCUK to deliver some of the highest profile and most watched events in the world.

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