Uplink / Downlink

Uplink / Downlink

Through our network of partner teleports we offer global coverage.  

In Europe and the UK, we provide cost effective up and downlink facilities through our partnership with Cobbett Hill Earthstation in Guildford.  We are connected directly and can provide ah-hoc or permanent services and have already delivered high profile events such as Nelsons Mandela's funeral and FIFA World Cup 2014.

We are also connected to some of the worlds largest teleports, and can cover large parts of the worlds surface.

Services we offer:

  • Compressed and Uncompressed switching
  • 24 Hour support and monitoring
  • Comprehensive set of Data Services 
  • Teleport Services

Where geographic resilience and disaster recovery is required for European services we can access GigaContent’s teleport in Denmark, and BT at Madley.  For Asian and Oceanian coverage, we partner with Telstra using their Stanley, Hong Kong, Oxford Falls, Sydney and Gnangara, Perth teleports. 

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What sets us apart?

We are quick to respond, tie that into our bespoke media network fully owned and operating by BMC with very competitive pricing.

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