Broadcast Support Services  

We help Telcos, Production companies and Broadcasters make the best of their resources, freeing them up to do what they do best. We can provide a complete turn key solution or provide individual services on a short or long term basis.

You may have the network and reach but not necessarily the people or expertise at the edge of the network often at the venue and back at the broadcast centre. We bridge that gap between production and the telco supporting the network and video equipment.

  • We have many years of expertise liasing with incumbant telcos venue end

  • Performing site visits, assesing the risks and challenges prior to the event

  • Provide on site support for single or mutliple events

  • Store and maintain customers broadcast telco equipment

  • Configure customers equipment prior to an event and on site support during the event

  • Provide logistics, getting the cusomters equipment securely to and from events

  • Plug equipemt gaps, renting encoders, decoders, standards conveters, switch fabric etc

  • OnNet with large telco’s such as Telstra, PCCW, GTT, GCX, Megaport, Global Connect, BT, EU, via LMX

  • Provide connectivity solutions for large telco’s

Since our incorporation we have developed in-house expertise to bridge the knowledge gap between the niche of broadcasting and the fast paced convergence with IP based technologies.

We have provided these services to large companies such as for ITV Sport, Century Link, BBC, GTT and Channel 4 to name a few.

We are active members of the Digital Production Partnership (DPP), we support open-standards such as AIMS, VSF, and SMPTE.

Management Services

We offer a complete range of services and project management using industry standard practices which include:

  • Supporting customers at the planning stage

  • Provide coordination between all interested parties and the technology

  • Liaise with technology suppliers and negotiate the best contract for carriage

  • Design an appropriate, cost-effective solution

  • Supply, install and test all equipment

  • Commission, and support the service - onsite or remotely

  • Technology evaluation

  • Preparation of RFP business cases, and investment proposals

  • Preparation of Specifications and contract management


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